Tula’s colors are inspired by the yogic concepts of STHIRA (effort) and SUKHA (ease).

DEEP OCEAN represents the active, effortful energy of STHIRA. The turquoise color calls to mind long days, blue skies and warm waters - all elements of the upcoming active seasons of spring and summer.

CHARCOAL represents the easy energy of SUHKA. The heathered black and gray color embodies the heavier, grounded, conscious energy that is cultivated during the dark, contemplative winter months.This grounded consciousness is what then gives rise to a sense of ease.

  • "These flattering tights have a secret power - built-in knee pads to protect against patella-pounding surfaces."

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    “I recently discovered these @maatactive leggings with knee pads! They are perfect.”

  • “For the Wellness Traveler - they’re padded at the knees so you don’t need a travel yoga mat.”

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Intentional Design. Uncompromised Style.

Combining the fit and function of a wetsuit with the edgy style of moto gear, the MAÄT 1.0 Legging features a sleek, patented built-in knee pad that protects, supports and cushions. Find confidence and comfort in your movement - anytime, anywhere. #MovewithMAAT

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  • Laura, nomad, survivalist & author

    "OMG they are amazing!!!! Fit is perfect, waist is SO comfy, and I can actually live in these without destroying them."

  • Dasha, yoga and Pilates instructor

    "Yoga practice just became so much better! The padding is everything! Perfect fit also."

  • Robin, yoga teacher and former ballerina

    "These are a GODSEND! I LOVE them!! There's enough cushion that I'm able to kneel without discomfort...but not so much cushion that they are bulky."

  • Wren, dancer and teacher

    "The look is very cool...a combination of rugged and chic. I felt like a superhero."

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