• "These flattering tights have a secret power - built-in knee pads to protect against patella-pounding surfaces."

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  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    “I recently discovered these @maatactive leggings with knee pads! They are perfect.”

  • “For the Wellness Traveler - they’re padded at the knees so you don’t need a travel yoga mat.”

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Intentional Design. Uncompromised Style.

Combining the fit and function of a wetsuit with the edgy style of moto gear, the MAÄT 1.0 Legging features a sleek, patented built-in knee pad that protects, supports and cushions. Find confidence and comfort in your movement - anytime, anywhere. #MovewithMAAT

  • Laura, nomad, survivalist & author

    "OMG they are amazing!!!! Fit is perfect, waist is SO comfy, and I can actually live in these without destroying them."

  • Dasha, yoga and Pilates instructor

    "Yoga practice just became so much better! The padding is everything! Perfect fit also."

  • Robin, yoga teacher and former ballerina

    "These are a GODSEND! I LOVE them!! There's enough cushion that I'm able to kneel without discomfort...but not so much cushion that they are bulky."

  • Wren, dancer and teacher

    "The look is very cool...a combination of rugged and chic. I felt like a superhero."

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