How Yoga Helps Quiet the Mind

How Yoga Helps Quiet the Mind

From the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep, most of us are constantly thinking.

Some thoughts are necessary - they help us organize our lives, get things done, engage in relationships, etc.

Other thoughts are problematic because they serve no purpose other than keeping our minds busy and creating a constant background noise. These thoughts are often worries about what may happen or rumination about the past. We tend to think about them over and over - our own internal broken record. They rob us of peace and take us out of the present moment, where life is truly lived. 

Yoga can help us to break the cycle. When we focus on linking our movements with our breath, there’s no room for the chatter of the mind. The more we do this the easier it gets. As it gets easier, we can take this quiet mind off the mat and out into our lives. 

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